Library Election Protocol


Committee Meeting 8 March 2008
Proposed for Approval by the Board, March 12, 2008
Adopted for 2017 Election at March 8, 2017 Trustee Meeting
(Edited for 2017)

The By-Laws call for the Annual Meeting and Elections to be the first Monday in May (in 2017, May 1).

The Nominations/Elections Committee, in conjunction with the Library Director and other staff as may most effectively complete the work, shall prepare press releases and a block advertisement indicating the number of Board vacancies which will be voted upon at the subsequent Annual Meeting.

On or before 5 PM, 4 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting (in 2017, April 3), any qualified individual wishing to run for a vacancy on the Hoag Library Board shall submit a nominating petition at the Circulation Desk, bearing the signatures and printed names and addresses of not less than 25 similarly qualified adults residing in the service area supporting that candidacy. The employee receiving the petition will initial the original petition(s) with date and time, make one copy for the submitter, and forward the original(s) to the Administrative Assistant.

The Nominating/Elections Committee shall meet as soon as is practicable (in 2017, April 4, 7PM) to certify that each candidate has submitted not less than 25 qualified names. In the event the Committee determines that one or more signatures on any nomination does not meet requirements, they shall strike the name or names, and make a written report to the Board and the candidate(s) affected; with the reason for disqualification. The decision(s) of the Committee may be appealed to the Board as a whole (in 2017, at the regular meeting, April 12). The Board may choose to uphold or strike down the decision(s) of the Committee, based solely on the by-law qualifications of age and address within the service area. In any event, the determination of the Board is final. At the Board meeting regularly scheduled most closely prior to the Annual Meeting (in 2017, April 12), lots shall be drawn for ballot position.

Immediately following the Board Meeting (in 2017, April 12) the Nominating/Elections Committee shall release the names of the individuals whose petitions were complete and ask each candidate to prepare a summary of qualification in a form and format determined by the Committee and return it to the Committee not later than three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting (in 2017, April 10).

Two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting (in 2017, April 17), the Committee shall release that collection of candidate resumes and prepare a written ballot form indicating all nominated candidates, listed in the order determined by lots drawn at the previous Board meeting.

On the day of the Annual Meeting, the Meeting will be called to order at 12 noon in one or more meeting rooms of the Library. A quorum of the Board is not necessary. An immediate recess will be called for the purpose of voting. Qualified members of the service area will register with one or more election inspectors, who can be staff, Board members not standing for election, or any other individuals selected by the Committee. Voting will take place in a spot previously designated.

A list of voters will be kept.

Hoag Elections Protocol
8 March 2008, edited for 2017
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Written ballots shall be placed in a locked box, which shall not be opened except by the Committee at the close of voting. One individual, designated beforehand by the Committee shall maintain sole possession of the key to the ballot box throughout the entire day.

Starting at 6:30 PM, the Chair of the Annual Meeting will announce the time remaining in which to cast a ballot. Voting will continue until 7PM. Any individual in line at 7PM may cast a ballot.

The Annual Meeting will re-convene out of recess at 7PM and will follow the normal order of business.

The Committee and up to 3 others designated by the Committee and having no compelling interest in this current year’s Library elections will retire to tally the votes in a public and previously designated spot (in 2017, the Teen Room).

There will be a single ballot. Full term vacancies shall be awarded to the candidates receiving the most votes, regardless if any candidate receives a majority of votes cast. Any partial terms shall be filled, longest remaining term through shortest, by candidates who shall have received the most votes after elected candidates are successively removed from the tally.

The report of the Chair of the Nominations/Elections chair shall be a special order of business, to be taken up on the Agenda of the Annual Meeting whenever he or she is prepared to deliver that report.

There will be a brief time for comment, then a motion to accept the statement of canvass as presented by the Committee.

The re-organizational meeting of the Board will take place immediately upon the adjournment of the Annual Meeting.

Hoag Elections Protocol                                                                                                                        8 March 2008, edited for 2017
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Time Line

March 8  –  Board Approves Election Procedure
Board discusses and may act to remove “Nominating” from the name
and function of the Committee

March 9  –  Petitions will be available at Circulation Desk (candidates do NOT have
to use the Hoag petition if all required information is provided)

April 3   –    Petitions due, 5PM at Circulation Desk

April 4   –     7PM Meeting of Nominations/Elections Committee to confirm validity
of all petitions

April 12  –    Board makes determination on any Committee disqualified names (if
Lots drawn at Board meeting to determine ballot positions

April 13  –     5 PM deadline for Nominees to return bio information for handouts

By April 17  – Nominating/Elections Committee tabulates/edits bio’s, prepares
handout to be placed at Circulation Desk and on website

May 1  –          12 noon: Annual Meeting opened by President (quorum of Board is
NOT required), immediate recess for purpose of voting in Curtis Room                                   designated individual locks ballot box before first ballot is dropped in

Nominating/Elections Committee shall schedule election inspectors for
coverage noon- 7 PM

6:30: Announcements begin indicating time left to vote

7PM: Committee begins to count

Annual Meeting comes out of recess

Whenever a tally is completed: Committee Chair is placed on the                                                Annual Meeting agenda to report election results