The Editor’s Touch

On Nov. 28, we talked about editing and publishing. Click here for the information we handed out.

Things to cut and edit:

She’s Novel

Programs that might help you:

Scrivener 2

Traditional vs. self publishing:



There is also a writer’s group in Lockport that has regular meetings. I am uncertain if this information is the most updated schedules, but the page includes contact information and some general info and they are an active group. I’ve linked to their helpful page about critiques on writing.

The Write Touch – Lockport, NY

Components of a Story

On Nov. 24, we talked about the basic components of a story and made a checklist to make sure we had everything or were on the right track to achieve all five parts. Click here to see what we talked about.

Here is a brief link about the parts that create a story. The names are different, but these are the same concept.

Writer’s Cheatsheet

World Building

We discussed creating comprehensive, expansive worlds on Nov. 17. Click here to see what we discussed.

The most comprehensive world building website I’ve seen is from JS Morin. He provides extensive exercises and information that will guide you in the right direction. Click here to go to his site and explore his posts.

Tips for Surviving Your First Draft

How are you supposed to get through your first draft? Click here for the information we handed out on Nov. 7!

You need to commit to your writing, as suggested by these links:

NaNo Truths About Being a Writer

Writer’s Digest

Goins, Writer

Get help from the experts! We have more authors and editors coming during our event! Check our front page for details!

Don’t write what you know! Write what you want to write!

The Atlantic

NY Book Editors

And finally, a brief word on point of view:

Literary Devices


Scheduling Time to Write, High-Concept Blurb, and Genre

At our Nov. 3 session, we discussed three main topics: scheduling time to write, creating a high-concept blurb, and narrowing our writing down by genre. To see that information, click here.

For more info on scheduling time to write, try these great links:

Lit Reactor

Writer’s Digest

High-Concept Blurb Links:

Writer’s Digest

Genre Links:

(Some) Genres of Literature

Wikipedia List of Genres (Never do research using Wiki, but this list is fairly comprehensive and can help generate ideas.)

Writing Prompts and Getting Started

If you came to our writer’s workshops on Oct. 24 or 31 you received this information. It explains what the writing challenge is that we’re completing! The PDF also includes a full schedule of events, including the author and editor visits.

The website we are using for our writing challenge is NaNoWriMo.

We did writing prompts and generated ideas at the workshop, but here are more resources for getting started through generating ideas.

Writing Prompts from Tumblr

Creative Writing Prompts

Language is a Virus

Think Written

And whether or not you like Stephen King, his advice for writing are very good:

TIME Magazine – 21 Pieces of Writing Advice from Stephen King

Finally, here are 30 tips for people attempting to tackle writing a novel in 30 days!

Writer’s Digest 30 Tips