Photography Club 4/25/15: Color, Black & White, and Lighting

This time in Photo Club we learned about color photography, black and white photography, and how to light photos.

To see the full lesson, click here. It will take a while to download or open in a new window. It is a very large file, so be patient.

Here are some links to relevant web pages on this topic, too.

Color Wheel

Men and Women See Things Differently

Another Article About Color Perception for the Sexes

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Lighting Lesson

Another Great Lighting Lesson

A Video that Demonstrates Even More Lighting Techniques

Looking “Fat” in Photos

Why You Think You Look “Weird” in Selfies

The Blue/Black, White/Gold Dress

Exploring Color Combinations

The next Photography Club will be on Sat., May 30 at 10am. We will be discussing Photoshop and other post-production editing. It will be our most interesting class yet, and depending on your feelings of post-production editing, it could lead to a healthy discussion of what is “acceptable.”

Photography Club Review – Basic Operation and Image Composition

For those who would like to review what was covered in Photography Club for April, here is the PDF file of the presentation. To open the file, you will need Adobe PDF Reader, which is a free program. Simply download the file, the follow the website’s installation instructions.


Awkward Family Photos (Great examples of what NOT to do.)

Digital Photography School (Everything you need to know about photography.)

Depth of Field


Space to Look Into

Rule of Thirds

Red Eye


Composition from a Painter’s Perspective

Join us for the next session of Photography Club on Sat., April 25 at 12pm.