Crochet Class Review

Start your work with a slip knot. (There is an alternate video of this in the post for the knitting class.)

Next, you will create your foundation chain.

We covered the single crochet stitch.

If your next row will be single crochet, then you will chain one.

If you will be doing half-double double crochet (which we did not learn in class), you will chain two.

For double crochet, you should chain three, which is the traditional method, and the edges of your work will appear to “zig-zag.”

NOTE: You may, however, chain only two if you would like your work to appear more square. It will make the edge of your work a bit tighter, but sometimes if you will be seaming a piece together (like making a tube shape), you may want the edge more uniform. Most patterns will expect you to chain three for a turn to make the next row double crochet! When learning stitches, you may chose which you find more comfortable, but remember when making a pattern you want to assume they want three, unless stated otherwise.

You will now begin in the first stitch that is NOT one of the turning chains you just made.

When you reach the end of a row, you will not crochet into the turning chain from the previous row. This is why the edges of crochet are not straight up and down.

We also learned how the double crochet stitch.

When you finish a piece, you need to “knot” the end of it so it won’t come apart.

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