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  1. The December 1st session is has a publisher and BookStore owner visiting, is this an actual party for the workshop participants or open to all whom might be interested (ie a nonfiction book writing) or will there possibly be a similar event based on nonfiction later on?

    • Hi, Jim,

      The workshops are focused around a nationwide challenge for fiction writers, so all of the workshops are focused on fiction, including the final one on Dec. 1st. The publisher we have invited only publishes fiction. The bookstore owner is going to have info about self-publishers selling physical copies of their books (could be interesting for fiction or non-fiction). Anyone who would like to attend the event is welcome, but during the event we will be giving awards to people who completed the nationwide fiction challenge at our library. The person running the workshops, Sue Cook, does not have a background in non-fiction literature and does not plan to create an event for non-fiction writers because of this. If you are interested in a non-fiction event, please fill out a program suggestion form available from the front desk and perhaps someone with related experience would be willing to conduct workshops for your area of interest.

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