Crochet Class 3/25/15

We learned a new set of skills in crochet class this week!

First, we have the skip stitch. It is the same thing as a chain, but you skip over the spot where you would have put your hook into your work. This video has 5 skip stitches in a row, but if your pattern calls for one, you’d chain one and skip inserting your hook into the matching hole, and would instead move on to the next hole.

Next, we have the slip stitch. This lays the yarn right against the row below it.

Finally, we used all of our skills from the last class and this one and made granny squares!

There are MANY ways and patterns to make a granny square. If you have a different method, we’d love to have you join us at our Knit and Crochet Social Meetups in April to instruct others or just share some tips!

040815 knit crochet meetup

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