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Children’s Library Minecraft Wall Art

Hello, patrons!

People have been asking since we first put it up, “Where did you get the Minecraft wall art?!” Up until this point, there hasn’t been a way source for people to download the artwork.


The wall in the Children’s Library.

Now that this new website is up and running, we’re happy to announce that you can now download a file containing most of the blocks we used.

Click here to download the PDF of Hoag Library Minecraft Wall Art.

These images are vector files in a PDF. What does that mean? Vector means that the image is created using mathematical points connected by lines and curves, instead of how a photograph is made of pixels. Pixels are just colored digital dots, but when you size up a photograph to print it the image loses quality and looks blocky and unclear.

So, what does that mean in plain English? These images do not lose quality when printed at ANY SIZE. You can print this at 2 inches or 200 inches and the image will always be crystal clear as long as your printer does a good job.

We recommend that you print them on a card stock or index paper. By choosing something thicker than regular copy paper, your image will hold up a little bit better over time. To adhere it to the wall, we used double-sided tape, but be aware that can damage the paint or finish on some surfaces!

If you have any other questions, leave a comment below and someone will attempt to answer it for you.

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